BEAUTY BAR: Colorful Claws

When June rolls around, it seems like everybody just wants to soak in the summer vibes since they only last so long. From the fashion and beauty to a new summer song, if you’re lucky, things are just a little bit more fun for the next few months. And yes, that includes your nails. Nail art is the new hot (pun intended) accessory, pumping up a simple look and showing off your personal style in a super creative way.

This Fashionista picked the perfect polish colors for summer, centering her entire look around the awesome nail art in a cool, and incredibly impressive, pattern that she had done at a local salon. (How much do we all wish we had that talent?) She let the nails do all the talking by pairing them with this flirty dress in a light lavender color and a pair of simple white wedges that are the perfect go-to shoe during the warmer months, especially with the mix of both wood and espadrille on the heel and the white straps that go with any summertime look. She went minimal with jewelry, allowing the nails to stand out, opting for an oversized watch with an earthy leather band and a personalized signet ring.

Everything about this outfit screams summer, both due to the colors of her nails and the breathable, flowy dress. Another super important thing to remember is how to change up your makeup look to go along with the heat, which usually means going lighter for a more natural, beachy look. This is accomplished with minimal face makeup. It’s just not worth the time it takes to apply a dramatic cat eye or a thick layer of foundation when it’s likely it’ll just sweat off, especially when you have these awesome nails to show off instead.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? The key to achieving this makeup look is to remember that less is more. A contour palette is perfect since it contains a bronzer, blush and highlighter. Pump up your eyes with your favorite mascara, add a touch of lip gloss and maybe a light eye shadow, and you’re good to go! The nails are a different story. If you’re anything like me, you’re unable to paint your own nails without destroying them, making achieving this level of nail art close to impossible. But if you want to give it a try, I’d suggest investing in a nail art kit to make the process a little easier. Get creative with colors; a bright orange, sea foam green, pink and a pure white are shown here, but pick your favorites and have fun with it!