BEAUTY BAR: Color Me Rad

Hello, humidity. Just when we were getting used to the balmy July temperatures, things suddenly got sticky, steam and downright HOT! I wind up channeling my inner Wicked Witch of the West; as my makeup starts to run I find myself thinking “I’m melting – melting! Oh what a world!” While I’m spending 99 percent of my spare time in the air conditioning, this Fashionista is looking cool and collected. Though she does have some killer fringe booties to click, it’s her bright red lipstick that are really working their magic with this look!

Wearing makeup in the heat is a matter of finding the perfect ingredient for success. It’s best to stay as natural as possible, highlight your greatest assets and complement your chosen ensemble. Since this Fashionista’s outfit was already very playful and summery, her best option was to continue this theme onto her lips with a bright red. With such a fun and effortless look, her color options wwere almost endless. Which means when in doubt about what lip color you want to rock for the day, go with the color you love and the mood you’re in. Her bright red lip completely brightens up the entire color scheme of the outfit she has on. This Fashionista is not only unstoppable—but melting makeup free!

Whats on the BEAUTY BAR? To complete any outfit and pull it all together, you’ll need a lip stain, matte or gloss. Make sure to keep the rest of your makeup relatively simple and natural looking. You want your lips to stand out! This will save you not only bronzer, but will let the sun give you a healthy and natural looking glow without even trying.