BEAUTY BAR: Classy Meets Sassy

BEAUTY BAR: Classy Meets Sassy

Strut your stuff! As the final week of school comes to an end and finals are about to be put in the past, students are planning their summer adventures. Some include spontaneous vacations, trips across the country, or even simply going to the lake. I came across this classy Fashionista with an ensemble that goes perfectly together from head to toe.

Her outfit is a cute classy meets sassy take on summer days to come. She is wearing a spaghetti strapped, cotton, purple cami tucked into a black and white stripe pencil skirt. She paired these pieces with a light, black bomber jacket with pockets to carry all needed necessities, and some ankle heel boots with just enough heel to make the outfit look sexy. The accessories are an oversize watch, accented with a black band and gold rim, a gold pearl choker, a long gold chain necklace, and a pair of pearl earrings to tie it all together.

The final touch on the ensemble is the hair and makeup. Her deep brown, shoulder-length hair is loosely curled with volume tousled through. Her makeup is perfectly on point with both her hair and outfit. She has a matte foundation with light pink checks, dark eyebrows, and a deep brownish red lip color. Her eyes have a light purple shadow on the outer corner blended with a white shadow on the inner corner to create the look of wider eyes. A final touch is the jet black winged eyeliner to give that overall look of a sexy, classy ensemble.


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