BEAUTY BAR: Cheetahlicious

“Pick me up, pick me up!” You hear those exact words the moment you walk into Sephora. You see that lipstick in the perfect shade of red, and you think to yourself, “Ugh $42 dollars for this?” You walk away for a second and next thing you know, you’re at the register purchasing it.

Remember those golden days when Cleopatra would rock her cat eye and there after, all the women started copying? Yeah, I remember those days, too. The cat eye has been, and is now, the latest trend in makeup. You ladies know how it is. We are constantly experimenting with different kinds of eyeliners, and we can’t forget all of those new kinds of lip shades. From Kylie Jenner-inspired nude matte lip colors to dark burgundy colors from Kat Von D, each and every beauty product has its own longing to be used. Makeup is a necessity for some of us. Why? Not because we ladies want to impress people, but because we want to impress ourselves. The cat eye is without a doubt a makeup trend that sure does impress us.

My Fashionista was the perfect muse because she rocked the cheetah bustier top and the cat eye with a subtle smokey eye that did the trick. The cat eye states glamorous and sexy, and she without a doubt went for the perfect look. She kept her lips simple by applying “Embrace,” a matte color by Maybelline. Maybelline sure has a great selection. The smokey eye was done all thanks to Too Faced, a brand we all know and love. She then applied a contour, with the NYX contour stick in the color deep. Contour gives your cheekbones definition and hey, let’s just say it makes you look so glamorous.

Contouring and the cat eye are the two most “in” trends right now. Her look works not only because it is sexy and sultry but because she exemplifies confidence. Her pose not only shows off her makeup skills but the confidence that is radiating out of her beautiful smile.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To achieve the look, grab a matte nude lip color, a liquid liner and a smokey eye palette. Make sure to keep your outfit sultry as well, grab a maxi skirt with a crop top, and you’re good to hunt (or should I say shop) for more makeup.