BEAUTY BAR: Champagne Shimmer

The first days of fall have finally made their appearance in the Midwest! Fall officially started for me when the PSL made its debut (and yes, I bought one the morning that they came out), but now the weather is finally starting to cool down. That means it’s time for boots, sweaters, vests and lots of layers. It’s also the perfect time to switch up your makeup routine for a warmer, fall look.

This Fashionista’s advice: “Don’t use makeup to change your face, but use it to accentuate your natural features.” If you’re going for a casual look for class or lunch with a friend, it’s important to make sure that your makeup doesn’t overpower the natural beauty of your face. A light foundation can make your makeup look effortless while still making you feel comfortable. And this Fashionista finishes her look with a light pink lipstick and some fun and flirty curls, giving her a very feminine look.

Bronze, brown, copper, plum and beige are all perfect colors for fall eye shadow.  I always love the names that companies give their eye shadows, too, like “cool pale beige” and “champagne shimmer.”  These warm colors definitely complement the coziness of the fall fashion trends that we’re starting to see a lot more of. And if you’re running late to your 8 a.m. like I usually am, and don’t have time for a full face of makeup, simply throw on some mascara to give your eyes a nice pop to start the day!

This Fashionista complements her fall makeup look with a floral dress from Francesca’s and jean jacket from J.Crew. This look is the perfect transition from summer to fall!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Start your look with a simple and natural foundation for coverage. Add as much or as little eye shadow as you feel is appropriate for whatever occasion you’re dressing for. I’ll usually try to wear a little less for more casual days. Make your eyes big and bold by throwing on some mascara. And top off the look with a bold color for your lips!