I have been obsessed with hair buns ever since Miley Cyrus dominated her twin buns at the MTV VMA Awards in 2013. Since then, every fashion blogger—including me—has been wearing single buns, half buns and double buns as if they’re going out of style. Kendall Jenner has also become a fashion icon to be reckoned with, and it just so happens that she also rocks her top bun high. So fear not boys and girls, the buns have traveled to 2016 and have never looked better.

This Fashionista has made a rad statement with her half-up, half-down bun, making it a true accessory to her outfit. Your hairdos tend to make a statement on your mood of the day, so be sure to make it a rad one. Whether you are running around on campus, rushing to your internship or simply working on an assignment, the multiple hair bun styles have got your back.

Since our moods—or alter egos—change so often, it’s also a great idea to have a lipstick up your sleeve. This Fashionista is looking forward to spring, and nothing says spring like lilac purple. Whatever your ego calls for, make sure to accessorize your makeup accordingly. In this look, she went for soft eyes with a light purple liner, which keeps all eyes on her lips.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To complete this look, you’ll need a strong hairspray to hold up your bun. Whether you’re rocking Miley or Kendall, be sure to keep your fly aways in check. Next you’ll need a rad lipstick; I recommend Kat Von D’s lip line, and the color is up to you! Don’t forget to use a lip liner to ensure it lasts all day long.