It is always a pain to have hair in your face. Whether it’s from the strong wind or simply because your hair is just not falling the way you want it to, maintaining it is never easy. All girls can relate to this. So how do we fix it? The easiest way to do so is to simply put it up.

This Fashionista, like most girls, does not want to deal with spending too much time on her hair. With deadlines coming up and places to get to, we are within that 15 minute crunch. What this Fashionista does is just put the part of the hair that is on her face into a bun. That way, she still manages to have some of it down. This hairstyle has recently become a huge trend, allowing us to recreate that same hairstyle into our own. One way to make it your own is to play around with how much of your hair goes into that bun.

This Fashionista puts in a small portion and ties it to create a messy look. Another way she makes this resemble her style is with the hair tie. She uses one with a gold accent, emphasizing not only the hairstyle. She then tops off the look with her septum ring. The ring has two sphere closures on each end that create a nice transition from her hair tie. With the casual skater look that she fulfills, she manages to change little things from a universal trend to make it her own.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: The Fashionista states, “It’s really all about making the look yours and natural!” The key is to put your bangs up into a bun and play around with how much hair you will choose to leave out. Try to avoid making it look too perfect, because that defeats the purpose of going natural. She then states, “Stick with what you have, and make sure to use them to your advantage. Maybe just have some bobby pins, though!”