BEAUTY BAR: Built-In Beauty Products

May 31st, 2017 at 2:00am

Warm weather is finally here, and the semester is finally over. For my final article, I decided to write about this Fashionista whose look is chic, effortless, and perfect for the summer.

Lately, I haven’t been wearing makeup, mostly because the end of the school year is always crazy, and I cherish every moment of sleep I can get in the mornings. Now that summer is here, I’m even less likely to get dolled up because nothing is worse than foundation and mascara,sliding down your face in the heat. For this reason, I’ve been inspired by girls on campus rocking cute outfits and little-to-no-makeup looks.

This Fashionista’s outfit is comprised of four simple pieces. Her shorts are flowy and light (perfect for summer) with a lively red floral print. In order to tone down and ground the outfit, she matched the shorts with a simple black top with thin straps and scalloped neck and hemlines. Both of these are ideal for comfort in the heat and when paired, create a cheery, but relaxed vibe.

The shoes this Fashionista selected are a shiny pair of flats, a few shades darker than the red of her shorts. This serves as a nice contrast in color and adds some boldness to the look. The outfit is topped off with a delicate gold chain with a small blue gemstone. Chunky jewelry is uncomfortable for the summer, but simple pieces are an effortless final touch.

This Fashionista chose not to wear makeup. She instead focused on skincare—washing her face well in the morning and using a lightweight moisturizer. This gave her a fresh, glowy face and protected her skin from the sun rays. She used an SPF balm on her lips as well to counter the sun’s rays. Her hair is styled in a chic pixie cut, a style that can be hard to pull off, but that this Fashionista easily rocks. She let her slight curls be free, knowing that hair products, too, can be a hassle, and lead to inevitably deteriorating messes in the summertime.

Makeup is tons of fun to experiment with and to perfect, but, for myself and many other girls, the heat of summer acts as too much of a deterrent. So, my plan is to follow the lead of this Fashionista and rock two great style pieces this summer: confidence and a smile.