BEAUTY BAR: Brown, Bold and Beautiful

As the semester comes to a close and finals week is making its dreaded appearance, getting out of bed in the morning seems to be so much harder than it was the first week of school. I know this to be true as my routine of crawling out of bed for my 8:00 a.m. class on a chilly San Francisco morning becomes more and more difficult. As if the thought of waking up was not already difficult, getting ready for the day can often be worse. So when it comes to keeping up with an everyday makeup routine, it is often unthinkable and mostly impossible.

However as finals role in, I take it as a challenge to doll myself up. In the effort to motivate myself to get up and start my day on a good note, I bring out some of my best looks out the week of finals. As crazy as it may sound, a morning pick-me-up of picking a cute outfit and doing your makeup can change your entire outlook as you enter finals week. By getting a good night’s rest the night before and waking up early, I have just enough time to not only get ready, but if needed a quick cram session to refresh my brain.

After I met my Fashionista this month, I knew many other Fashionistas and Fashionistos out there shared these thoughts with me. This month’s Fashionista sports a lovely fall-inspired makeup look with a bold lip. In order to highlight her makeup, she decided to wear her hair in an up-do that really complimented her face. In the spirit of fall, she went with a brown earthy tone for her eyes with a lined waterline, minimal foundation coverage, and bold filled in eyebrows. She then topped off the makeup look with a bold matte mauve brown lip. So far, fall 2015 has been the season all about the bold lip colors, especially those matte cool toned mauve browns. Due to their versatility and classiness, these matte browns are here to stay regardless of the season. Because this look is so simple and elegant, it can be worn at any time of the day to any event. Even after a long day of stressful finals, my Fashionista still looked flawless as she rocked such a simple and chic look.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: This makeup look features YouTube style and makeup guru, Raye Boyce collaboration with ColourPop cosmetics. You can order the highly pigmented matte lip color, StingRAYE on their website. If you truly are looking for an extremely matte lip, this product is the perfect match for you. To achieve the brown earthy tones used on this Fashionistas eyes, I recommend Maybelline’s The Nudes Palette which can be found at just about any drugstore. Last but not least, the last detail of this look is the bold eyebrows. This look can be achieved by using NYX’s Eyebrow Cake Powder that can also be found at your local ULTA or Target.