BEAUTY BAR: Braids Are Back

The classic braid is nothing new. Whether you braided your hair for summer camp in middle school, attempted to mimic the classic Lauren Conrad side French braid – which never looked quite as good as she did it – or hopped on the bandwagon with the fishtail or waterfall braid, this classic hairstyle has always been a standout in the beauty department!

Adding a braid can create a casual look for your gym workout, but it can also be glam! In fact, lots of celebrities are wearing braids for glamorous shows and events. When thinking of an effective braid trend, my mind immediately goes to Blake Lively starring as Serena van der Woodson in Gossip Girl. Wearing a designer dress and adding a messy side braid has never looked so flawless!

Adding a braid can give your hair texture and a little something extra. This Fashionista transformed her casual everyday look into a trendier, dressier look by adding a side French braid. Adding this gorgeous braid created more texture and dimension as opposed to keeping it all curls or just doing a classic braid.

By creating this detail, not only does the braid act as an accessory, but it’s also convenient if she has an event to attend later in the day. Throwing on a nice dress or fancy skirt will transition the look to nighttime-appropriate, and the hair will still look great!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To complete this look, you will need bobby pins, a clear hair tie, a curling iron and hairspray.