BEAUTY BAR: Braiding the Beast

Something about that summer heat and sunny weather calls for embracing your natural hair. Whether it is curly or straight, summer time is where you lay off the heat products. The craved curly hair gives off that relaxed beachy vibe that every Fashionista is looking for this summer. Paired with the waterfall braid, this Fashionista is ready to conquer the day. Although it may seem complicated, this look is really not to hard to duplicate, all you really need to know how to do before hand is a simple three strand braid. To get this look or one similar to it, simply type in waterfall braid in YouTube and hundreds of videos will pop up, each being a “how to” recreate this look or many others similar to it.

This hairstyle works because it embraces this Fashionista’s natural curls in all the right ways. This really shows off her natural texture, by not taking away from it and just pulling the top back. By only having the top back it can also be converted into a day to night hair style by simply adding more volume at the bottom for a statement hair style for going out. This type of hairstyle could also work with other types textures of hair because it is so simple and versatile. Easily changed and duplicated, make this look your own by adding a second braid underneath, creating a double waterfall braid.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To complete this look you will need Bobby pins, hair spray and texture spray depending on your hair type. Try to duplicate this look with unwashed hair, it will help the braid stay better.