BEAUTY BAR: Braided Blonde

No matter your hair color or type, braids are always a good idea! They can add detail to a hairstyle in less than a minute and can really accentuate the rest of the outfit. If you are growing out your bangs, hairline braids are an easy solution to deal with that awkward in-between phase. Yes, some braids can get very complicated and only your hairstylist can make them, but there are so many effortless styles that anyone can do!

This Fashionista is rocking a simple hairline braid! Her braid is pinned behind her ear and continues to flows into her blonde waves. She pairs this hairstyle with a navy and white striped dress and tan sandals. She accessorizes with a black fringe purse and an assortment of jewelry including: a bronze necklace and ring, Kendra Scott bracelet and Michael Kors watch. This Fashionista sports a great casual summer outfit to complement her hairline braid!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To complete this Fashionista’s look you will need a couple of bobby pins, extra hold hairspray and wavy, curled or relaxed hair. Begin by French braiding away from your part and continue this along your hairline. Take a bobby pin, and discretely tuck it into the braid so that it fixates the braid behind the ear. Instead of tying your braid at the end with a hair tie, just hairspray along the braid to finish. This way it will flow with the rest of the hair and make for a summer beach vibe.