BEAUTY BAR: Bold On The Go

I find that makeup and beauty go hand in hand with fashion. Like clothing, makeup is a way to enhance your true and inner beauty and help your individuality shine through to the world around you.The amount of makeup products and companies out there are truly endless and there are hundreds of thousands of beauty combinations one can play around with. As a beauty addict myself, I believe that makeup should be used for yourself and not for anyone else, just like fashion. It is an incredible way to build your confidence and make a first impression that is impossible to forget.

In the simplest and plainest words, I like a bold lip. A dark red, a vampy wine and bright purples are my jam. When I came across this Fashionista on campus, I did a double take because not only was her bold purple lip and the rest of her makeup on point, but so was her outfit. This Fashionista paired a neutral eye with bold double winged eyeliner and a purple lip that was to die for. When doing a bold look, have a focal point so that your look is not too harsh or intense. Because her eyes were soft and neutral, this stylish Fashionista was able to get away with doing an intense eyeliner look while having her lips be the star of the show. Neutrals are great in the summer because it is that time of year when things are more relaxed and neutrals in general are versatile. In the summer, you want a quick look that wont take much time out of your day and a neutral shimmery eye with some winged eyeliner takes about five minutes but looks like you spent much longer on it. The same goes for a lip that has some color to it. Lipstick is one of the best ways to make your makeup look like it took time and makes you look put together when in reality, it takes ten seconds to apply. To add some extra glow to your skin, invest in a highlighter. Highlighters are excellent to make your skin have a natural and beautiful glow.

This Fashionista paired her makeup look with a tank, a leather jacket with sweater arms, and a sheer patterned skirt. Her shoes are black sandals with buckles and for accessories she rocked an awesome pair of shades, a teal spiked bracelet and gold watch. Talk about making heads spin!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To complete this look, you will need a bright purple lipstick, black eyeliner and a face highlight. If purple is not for you, try a different bold colored lipstick. Keep your eyeshadows neutral and the rest of your face makeup neutral so that the completed look is natural with some pizzaz!