BEAUTY BAR: Bold Lips With Colorful Hips

Now I know that being “matchy-matchy” with an outfit can really make it look juvenile. It could even seem like your mom was helping you get dressed for your first day at kindergarten. And unless you are going for an edgy monochromatic look, the Fashionista rule is to steer clear from matching all pieces in a look together by hue or texture. This is because too much of one thing is not necessarily a good thing. However, if you match details of an outfit together, it can automatically elevate a very casual look into a Fashionista-worthy and put together ensemble.

One of the best ways to bring together the details of an outfit is to tie the color scheme of your clothing into your makeup look! Just think back for a moment to homecoming or prom. If you wore gold accessories, you might have tried adding a more golden highlight or something like Urban Decay’s glitter liner into your makeup. Conversely, if you wore silver jewelry, you might have tried to do a gray smoky eye or stick with more cool tones for your makeup. And you did this because it pulled the look together! It made the look cohesive. Obviously though, we are not all running out, decked out in stilettos and a fancy dress every weekend. But, by using the same techniques in order to switch up your day-to-day makeup routine, you can always look composed in whatever outfit you may be wearing.

Bold lips are not only an attention getter (and solid conversation starter), but you can utilize a variety of hues, now common among many lip product lines, to help you appear like you may have put more effort into your look than you actually did. This Fashionista built her look upon a black slate and added elements of color with her accessories and lips. Her sandals, bracelets and small weaves of her belt all have hot pink in them which stands out against the black of her tank top and shorts. But what really ties her look together are the lips. By using a fuchsia lip liner to fill in her lips, the Fashionista looked like she truly thought about how she was going to connect all of the unique elements of her outfit. Matching her lip color to the details of her outfit made those elements pop and made her look cohesive, but not repetitive.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? Recreating the bold lip is quite simple. By using any fuchsia lip liner, you can achieve a bit more of a muted bold lip, like this Fashionista did. However, you can amp up the flare by layering a bright fuchsia lipstick on top. If you are going for more of a glossy bold lip, I suggest adding a gloss over the top of the lipstick, something like the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics’ Stained Gloss to give your lips even more pigmentation.