BEAUTY BAR: Bold Brows

I’ve never considered myself much of a beauty expert; as I usually stick to my same old COVERGIRL concealer and mascara and rarely add new products to my routine for the sake of saving money and time. But I sure am one heck of an observer (which also loosely translates to “people watcher”), and over the years, I’ve noticed quite the variety of beauty trends. From crimped hair and colored mascara to body glitter and winged eyeliner, the trends have been selfie-worthy, garbage-worthy and everything in-between.

One recent trend shift specifically pertains to eyebrows, those little arches of hair that women all over the world go to great lengths to maintain. Long gone are the days of thin and overplucked eyebrows (à la Pamela Anderson circa 1995). These days bold, dark eyebrows are all the rage, as exhibited by this week’s Fashionista.

I love how this gal let her brows do the talkin’ by keeping the rest of her face clean and simple. She went with no lip color, bronzed cheeks and minimalistic eye makeup to accompany her stunning eyebrows. Though her brows were definitely in the spotlight, her outfit was awesome, too. In true New York fashion, she went for the “all-black everything” look, sporting a loose crop top, pleather pleated skirt and shiny ankle booties. Her outfit is pretty badass if you ask me, and the fact that she didn’t layer on the makeup is just icing on the cake.

As demonstrated by this Fashionista, bold is beautiful when it comes to brows. Don’t shy away from trying this beauty trend and you too can land brows that are totally “on fleek”. Let’s be real—I couldn’t possibly discuss eyebrows without saying “on fleek” at least once. Okay, now twice, I guess.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? Want to land the #eyebrowgoals that are demonstrated by Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins? Follow this Fashionista’s cues and try out the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow kit. Finish off the look with bronzer and mascara, and prep yourself for some stunning selfies.