BEAUTY BAR: Blondes Really Do Have More Fun

June 30th, 2015 at 2:00am

Finding that perfect balance between fashion-forward chic and comfy-practical can be especially hard in the summer. It’s so hot out that putting on makeup and finding a cute outfit can seem like a complete waste of time because you’ll most likely sweat all your makeup off and probably sweat through your clothes as well. This would make anyone want to just throw on some running shorts and call it a day.

But not so fast. The key to fashion this summer is to be trendy yet practical. This Fashionista achieved just that with her casual white romper and flip flops and classic natural makeup paired with red lipstick. Her romper is breezy and adorable so she can look great without worrying about sweating everywhere. The white looks fantastic on this Fashionista because it shows off her tan and her skinny white flip flops match perfectly with her romper and purse.

While this Fashionista’s romper is adorable, the key to her look is the classic makeup. It stands out against her neutral and summery ensemble and looks fantastic. Because her outfit is so neutral the red lipstick is an excellent pop of color that makes her look extremely put together yet relaxed and fun. She could go to the beach in this outfit, a concert or even a stroll through the city. This ensemble is versatile and practical yet trendy all together.

Lastly, this Fashionista’s straight blonde hair is another reason this look works so well for her. It adds to her neutral feel, and stands out against her vibrant lips. With classic makeup its best to keep your hair classic as well; down and straight compliments her and draws attention to her face.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? Red lipstick looks fantastic with neutral colors and a neutral face. This will ensure that your ensemble is always classic and timeless.