BEAUTY BAR: Blonde And Bronzed

February 10th, 2016 at 2:10am

With the winter catching up to us, it can be hard to prep yourself for the day. When you add a delicate makeup complex and a simple hairstyle, you can enhance any outfit. This Fashionista did a gorgeous makeup and hair combination, allowing her to go from night to day matching any color palette.

As a blonde it is hard to keep your brilliant blonde vibrance all throughout the year. This year with balayage highlights taking over hair salons, it is easy to keep the brightness of a blonde that’s still soft enough for the winter. This way any Fashionista can have an array of blonde, golds and deep caramel colors framing her face. She also embraces the “rooty” look by allowing a darker root to create a balayage ombre style.

This Fashionista not only has great color, but also a stunning styling technique as well. Rocking the middle part, she has loose barrel curls framing her face. With the bobs and lobs taking over these days, it is nice to see someone with long healthy hair that still sports the classic curls that fall to loose waves.

Her golden hair also enhances her bronzed, almost sun-kissed, skin. With a great complexion, this Fashionista does a gorgeous job at contouring her cheekbones to pop out by using a bronzer to shadow her face. It is easy for most to get carried away with bronzer, especially in the winter when you are longing for your glowing summer skin. However if you use it just enough, you can enhance your bone structure and natural features.

Keeping with the natural tones her eye shadow complements her look as it is the same golden tone. Blending in with a natural glow, it highlights her eyes to draw attention to their bright blue color. She also does a great job of framing her eyes with some curled and coated lashes and the slightest amount of eye liner to create some definition.

Besides her bright blue eyes, this Fashionista only has one tint of color that pops from her makeup, her lipgloss. Having a gloss that adds a simple shimmer and a light color can add another dimension to your makeup. It is easy to reapply and keeps your lips from looking bare and dry.

Her hair and makeup do a great job on their own, but it is important to see how this Fashionista pairs it with her outfit. Just like her beauty, there is a neutral palette that is enhanced by smooth textures. Her outfit is a plain white ribbed thermal that is layered with a tan and cream-colored fur vest that adds texture to her look. These assembled pieces are paired with ripped dark jeans and booties for a put together look.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To achieve this look is easy because even if you don’t have blonde hair you can still get these beautiful curls with a curling iron from 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inches for best results. Also finish them off with an alcohol-free hair spray to keep curls free and bouncy. To enhance your makeup, use a bronzer that emphasizes your features, a gloss that adds a shine to your lips and a shimmer that highlights your face or eyes.