BEAUTY BAR: Blissfully Simple

BEAUTY BAR: Blissfully Simple

Have you ever just passed by someone on the street and wondered if their personal fairy godmother dropped down to make sure they looked utterly flawless when they walked out of the door in the morning? Well, if not, then meet this beautiful Fashionista.

I often find myself snoozing the alarm clock, for those last few valuable minutes of sleep before I have to face the day, and often that can mean forfeiting that extra time to spend on beauty or fashion. So when I talked to this Fashionista, the first question was how and the second was how long? Her simple answer: about 10 minutes.

From juggling school, her two part-time jobs, and having a social life, this Fashionista said the key to her look is simple, less is more and buns are life. From wearing an adorable off-the-shoulder jumpsuit paired with sky-blue velvet heels and her go-to clutch to keep her look flawless from brunch with friends to an afternoon shift at her retail job.

Pulling from her clutch, some of her favorite products, starting with her lip gloss, which adds the perfect shimmer to a soft and natural look. This Fashionista complements her brows with this foolproof brow pencil, that instantly shapes, defines and fills in brows. And who can forget the bronzer, especially when it smells like chocolate and leaves a soft contour that amplifies any makeup look? To touch or should I say smell it off, a splash of her little perfume that comes in handy all day to leave her feeling as fresh as daisies.

Many of us college students are always on the go. From classes and jobs to clubs and internships, having a simple beauty routine and a few products we can always count on to last us through the day is vital. When you focus on some of your favorite features of your face such as brows or lips, or even just a swipe or two of mascara, this can take you a long way in feeling and looking ready to conquer the day.