BEAUTY BAR: Bleached Babe

I have been noticing this trend everywhere: bleached blonde hair. I have seen it on YouTubers, Kim Kardashian had her hair bleached platinum blonde for a few days; it is definitely the latest “it” thing of the moment. Even all the boys on my high school’s baseball team did it last year, although it did not look as good as this Fashionista’s.

With her hair curled, it looks awesome and she fits this style that I have seen throughout the Internet and here in Los Angeles. It most certainly fits the California girl look where it seems as though the sun has been beating down on you all day at the beach.

There are a few things to know before making the big change. There are many steps when going from brunette to blonde as this Fashionista did. Lots of product goes into your hair and you most likely will not get your desired color on your first trip to the salon. It is also a lot easier to go bleached or platinum if you have never dyed your hair before. It is very time consuming and very costly, so be sure to put lots of thought into your decision making.

Most of the time people love their new hair and of course it isn’t permanent so why not take the chance? When I asked the Fashionista how she felt about her change from brunette to blonde she replied, “I absolutely LOVE my hair! I love how it complements my skin tone and it actually goes well with me.” It certainly does go well with her, and it is especially gorgeous with the loose curls. So, if you have been on the fence about whether or not to bleach your locks now is the perfect time to dial up the salon!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To recreate this look you will have to head over to a trusted hair stylist for this one.  But once your hair is dyed you will want to keep the color looking fresh and healthy. You can do so with a good hair oil, shampoo and conditioner.