BEAUTY BAR: Beauty And The Bun

Having a go-to hairstyle when you are in a time crunch is almost as essential as having a warm coat in the dead of winter in Morgantown, West Virginia. My personal favorite go-to is the low ballerina bun. The low ballerina bun has been a pre-eminent hairstyle in the beauty and fashion industry for many decades. From beautiful Old Hollywood actresses like Grace Kelly to gorgeous modern day actresses like Emma Watson, the low bun has transitioned effortlessly through time.

The low ballerina bun is a simplistic, elegant hairstyle that is not over-powering. It is one of the few hairstyles that is not the center of the look, but instead it enhances a woman’s natural beauty. It highlights a woman’s bone structure and can be used to showcase a beautiful pair of earrings. When I think of the low ballerina bun, l think of a J.Crew ad campaign. The female models seem so sophisticated and elegant in their colored cropped pants and striped sweaters. Most of the models wear their hair in a low bun with a few pieces of hair loosely framing their face.

Another benefit of the low ballerina bun is its versatility. It can be worn from day to night or leaving the gym after a spinning class. This Fashionista decided to wear her hair in a low ballerina bun accentuated with a modern day twist. She first braided her hair and then fastened the braid into a bun. She also left a few strands of hair hanging loosely from her face. The slightly curled strands add a hint of romance to her look. To add a little more effect, she added a touch of pink lip gloss. This look portrays femininity and elegance.

Whether you are trying to obtain the Old Hollywood-inspired bun or a bun with a modern day twist, both inspirations require minimal effort and time. This look only requires three products: a teasing comb, a clear elastic, and some bobby pins or hairspray to combat pesky fly aways. If you are going for a more refined look, gently spritz your hair with water to comb it back. If not, day old hair works perfectly because it already has some texture to it.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: This Fashionista was inspired by a braided bun tutorial she found on Pinterest. She has her hair fastened into a low bun accented with a few romantic loose curls framing her face. She curled the ends of her hair with a 2-inch curling iron and tugged at the curls loosely. She also accented her bun with a pink glossy lip. The best part about this look is that it does not break the bank. All of these products can be found at a local drug store.