BEAUTY BAR: Beauty and the Brain

The greatest and most bittersweet moments of the summer start when you wake up in morning and ask yourself if today will be the day. Slowly opening your glazed eyes, they roll from left to right from your closet to your desk, covered in all its glory of drugstore and name brand makeup. Will you take that great leap today? You start to remember the things that you pondered lying in bed the night before—Ahhh, that bomb outfit that looks cute with your favorite sandals and the makeup oooh.

Then you check your phone and remember what stopped you from wearing that liquid highlighter you adore so much. The weather will be more than sunny; the heat will be shimmering off the baked ground with a high chance of humidity, again. So you ask yourself once again, will you put on makeup today?

Yes, yes you will. You will want to put on makeup once you get a load of this gem of a Fashionista I ran into. It’s been in the 80s all week here in Southern Spain and her makeup is not only stunning, it’s absolutely genius. If you want to see beauty and brains, this is it.

This Fashionista didn’t let the hot weather stop her from applying light but alluring eye makeup. She’s so smart for applying the blue eyeliner on the bottom; if it were to smudge out or catch smears from the black liner on top, the blue prevents the sweated out makeup look. Instead it gives a little mellow dramatic edge. She also doesn’t use foundation for this look, and she doesn’t need one; she simply adds blush and a bubbly pink lipgloss to finish her look.

She accessorizes her eye makeup by wearing a faded out white-based shirt with blue accents and slipping on a pair of blue-based pants patterned with white flowers. The blues in her clothing emphasize her blue eyeliner while also complementing her blushed cheeks.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To mirror this brilliant Fashionista, you’ll need eye primer, eye shadow, one black eyeliner, one colored eyeliner with the option of eyebrow filler. You will also need mascara, blush, bronzer, lip liner and pink lipgloss. When you wake tomorrow, remember to just say to yourself, “Keepin’ it light, will keep it right!”