BEAUTY BAR: Beautifully Browed

Thanks to the likes of major fashion magazines and models, the biggest beauty trend to date is a strong brow and it is here to stay. Whether you can naturally sport this look or you need the help of some eyebrow pomade, this look is a must try for everyone. Eyebrows are often the strong point of the face so of course you want to highlight them as a focal point.

To keep her face the focus of attention, this Fashionista wore a fairly simple and entirely black and white outfit. She tied her white T-shirt in a side knot to show off her black high-waisted skinny jeans while her plaid collared shirt is left unbuttoned and draped by her side. Finishing off her look is a pair of black velvet, heeled booties.

She went all out with her makeup, matching the strong brow with equally strong cheekbones and eyes. Highlighting her cheeks with a dusty pink colored blush, she opted to keep her lip and eye shadow neutral colors. She does this so to not overpower the winged eyeliner; another strong point of her makeup.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To get this look you will first need to use an eyebrow brush/comb to tame your runaway hairs while getting them to go smoothly in the same direction. Next, you need a good pomade to create color as well as a fuller look. To top it all off you may want to use a gel to make sure all your hard work stays neatly in place.