BEAUTY BAR: Beautiful Balayage

Around this time of year, it feels like everyone is pretty much in need of some sort of change. The transition from summer to fall has everyone looking to warmer and darker tones especially through the pieces in their wardrobe. However, this does not necessarily mean that your hair has to go darker as well! Recently, the most popular trend I’ve seen on campus is beautiful balayage, a highlighting technique used in order to make your hair go from darker tones (near your roots) to lighter tones (near your ends).

Balayage is great because it really gives more dimension to solid colored hair. Balayage is not just for brunettes, and even works well on blondes and red heads! This hair treatment can be done on any hair length, but I would suggest having at least shoulder length hair in order to see the actual transition of color. This Fashionista transformed her dark brunette hair and used balayage in order to incorporate some blonde in her look. Not only does her hair still show off the warm colors of fall, but it also still shows off the brighter colors of summer (which we all wish was still here). This Fashionista’s floral lace maxi dress from For Love & Lemons not only complements her hair but also gives it that slight summer twist!

With balayage you can style your hair curled, wavy, straight, you name it! And the best part is, maintaining the color is not difficult at all. Professionals say that depending on how close you use the highlighting technique to your roots, you can go months at a time without a touch up! Say bye to hair salon visits every month and hello to more cash in your pockets!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: I would definitely suggest going into a salon to get a balayage treatment done, but if you feel like experimenting, use any box dye that is slightly lighter than your natural hair color. Any L’Oréal Paris dye should work perfectly! Also, in order to ensure that the color lasts longer, this Fashionista uses shampoos that are sulfate free! This of course can be picked up at any local drug store.