BEAUTY BAR: Beard Me Out!

July 20th, 2016 at 2:00am

I am a guy who falls short on growing beard-tastic facial hair, but this Fashionisto was blessed with such debonair it makes it a bit intimidating. Nevertheless, he admits that he enjoys exuding this dichotomy of serious, yet approachable—isn’t that the epitome of the “bad boy” look ladies love most? By utilizing good skin care, grooming, comfort and his closet consisting of dark colors, this Fashionisto is sure to make a statement.

Achieving this look differs from guy to guy, especially if you are like me and struggle with growing facial hair, but for those of you that can—here are some tips from the Fashionisto.

First you will want to grow your beard for at least three to four weeks, maybe longer depending on your hair follicles. Next you will need a few supplies to achieve a sculpted look: beard trimming scissors to keep the hair above your lips clipped, a simple styling comb for detangling hair and the razor of your choice. For a tighter stubble look, he recommends trimming clippers and using a one or two guide comb. Check out this beard and haircut grooming kit!

Set a serious tone for your look by throwing on a black button-down shirt. A pair of gray jeans and Nike Stefan Janoski kicks will help accentuate the black shirt and the rad beard! Use subtle statement accessories that are great for the summer, like a black watch of your choice and some Ray-Ban Wayfarers. To finalize, and make you approachable, flash a smile every once in a while. This look is sure to make you feel both comfortable and confident.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Water, nose strips and beard oil. Keeping your skin hydrated during these hot summer days will not only benefit your beard, but your skin and body will thank you for it! While doing outdoor activities or working on cars, like this Fashionisto, skin care is important. Use nose strips to help lift all that unwanted dirt out of your pores. Lastly, if you are having trouble growing facial or want to keep your beard smelling fresh and well nourished, grab yourself a bottle of JFT Beard Recovery.