BEAUTY BAR: Beachy Waves

One of the perks of going to school in Malibu is having the beach right in your backyard. Free moments in between class make for quintessentially spontaneous trips to the beach with your friends after grabbing an acai bowl from SunLife, in the Pepperdine University fashion, of course. Between classes, the beach, and acai/coffee runs, you may or may not have time to do your hair in the morning. To save time and toil on your part, take some inspiration from this Fashionista and let those natural waves become a new staple in your look!

The answer to achieving this look is simple: embrace your natural waves, or if you have straight hair, sleep with some braids in overnight. This technique could give you more indented waves. Add a fun flower in your hair that you picked up by the beach like this Fashionista did to embody your inner island girl. Feel free to play the Moana soundtrack on your in between classes beach run if you’re feeling particularly festive!

This Fashionista continued with effortless chic vibes in her outfit with a flowy floral top with orange roses. She paired this black and orange top with a light wash jean skirt for some contrast. For those beach run essentials, she is rocking a pair of retro Ray-Bans and brown strappy sandals, but once you get to the beach, barefoot is the way to go. Although, some Pepperdine University Fashionista/os don’t even wait until they get to the beach to go barefoot!