BEAUTY BAR: Beach Waves All Year Round

Spring semester is in full swing here at Rutgers University. This year however the weather seems to be changing every week. We go from 70 degree Fahrenheit weather one day to 30 degrees the next day, leaving many students confused on what they should be wearing. Sitting in class you see someone wearing shorts and sandals while someone else is wearing a sweatshirt and boots. Nonetheless, New Jersey is currently the definition of weather confused.

Each time the temperature hits a degree higher than 60 degrees, students are seen outside soaking up the sun all around College Ave here in New Brunswick. For a day or two (depending on Mother Nature’s mood) students get a glimpse of summer. Everyone cannot wait for no classes, outside adventures, and trips to beach.

Despite the conflicting weather, Fashionistas are able to change their outfits and try out different styles. Other things they can experiment with and change are their hair. A huge trend lately has been beach curls. Inspired by many celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Lauren Conrad, beach waves are a hairstyle that can be dressed up or down.

This messy yet stylish hairstyle can be worn many ways such as in a ponytail, half-up, or loose. It is the perfect way to wear your hair because you do not have to constantly maintain it. If it gets messy in the wind, it only adds to the volume and definition of the look. Beach curls are also less likely to get greasy on days you do not feel like washing your hair. To complete your look, add a texturing spray rather than hairspray to let your hair feel and look natural.

This Fashionista is wearing blue skinny jeans, a black and white sweater, chestnut booties, and a down parka. Clearly beach waves are not just in style when the weather feels nice, but also when it is windy and cold.

So, as we count down the days to summer vacation try out these beach waves to any of your everyday looks!