Dark berry lipstick in the fall? “Ground breaking.” If Miranda Priestly had a say in the matter I’m sure that would be her response. The colder the weather, the darker the lipstick. That’s how the cycle goes—right? Do you dare mix a dark lipstick with an intense eye look?  Our Fashionista this month is showing off that you can be bold in all aspects of your makeup this fall and/or winter! Having the confidence to create an amazing makeup look on yourself that is both bold and fall/winter appropriate can be challenging but I promise you don’t have to be the next Mario Dedivanovic (Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist) or Jaclyn Hill (a YouTube makeup artist sensation) to be successful.

What’s the icing on the pumpkin spice cupcake to this, you might ask? A great outfit that complements it!—DUH! While you may already be overwhelmed by the bold makeup a monochromatic outfit with a little touch of texture is a great complementary piece and is super in trend right now. Now at this point you may be pulling out your calculator to see exactly how much this is going to cost. I promise the makeup portion won’t burn a hole in your college budget!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: For the eyes you can go to and pick up this eyeshadow palette! There are plenty of other great quality affordable single eyeshadows and eyeshadow palettes that suit anyone looking to not spend an arm or a leg. I personally own two Morphe eyeshadow palettes and love them! As for lipstick you will want something that will last all day incase you don’t have time to touch-up in between classes so the NYX liquid suede lip cream in Cherry Kisses is the perfect match. Of course you can mix and match different colors but in order to pull of this BEAUTY BAR the number one thing you will need is confidence.