BEAUTY BAR: Bare Essentials

I’ve noticed it is very rare to see women going makeup free, au naturel these days. This Fashionista’s natural beauty struck me and before I could change my mind and find a typical red lip, I decided something natural would work better for my article. I’ve never been one to cake on makeup and it’s not because I am against it; truth be told, I was just never really taught the correct way to apply foundation and put on eyeshadow. I think this has been a blessing as my morning routine is cut in half by the fact that all I need is some eyeliner, mascara and the occasional lipstick and I am ready to go.

This Fashionista struck me because she had a very bohemian vibe to her. From the flowy hair and minimal makeup to the no shoes rule, this barefoot contessa was stunning. Her outfit was very casual but also very on point, which I loved. The Calvin Klein sports bras are a huge summer staple. Everyone is wearing them. I loved the way this Fashionista played hers up with a white kimono type cover-up. Most people wouldn’t dare show their sports bra like this in an outfit, but this my friends, is a Calvin Klein sports bra and when you have one of these, it can easily double as a shirt and no one would think twice. In the detailed shots you see a long gold chain that hangs loosely over her sports bra and draws attention to the sliver of skin. I like simple little details like this gold chain, which hangs as a vector and draws you to the whole outfit. Her denim shorts hide behind her white cover-up, but you can still see them peeking out, contrasting delicately with the white band from her sports bra.

What I love about this outfit is that everything is very minimal, easy and kind of hidden. There’s only a hint of sports bra showing as well, as the shorts and cover-up seem to be the focal part of her outfit. She did instruct me to, “Make sure you get this bag. I just got it and it’s fabulous,” pointing to her designer navy blue, leather cross-body bag. Her natural waves are something many women aim for. That effortless, bedhead kind of look. This Fashionista lets her hair fall naturally without using chemicals or harsh detergents.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To achieve this all natural beach wave, start with Devacurl’s No Poo in the shower, cleanse and rinse and then apply One Condition to work out all the knots and rinse. The crucial part about this process is making sure to just let your hair dry naturally without using your hands too much. Simply take a towel and scrunch the wet hair into the towel and wait a few hours, let it dry naturally and ta-da!