BEAUTY BAR: Balayage Beauty

The hair and beauty realms certainly go through as many trends as fast fashion does, if not more. Last year, it was all about the ombré dye: a color gradation from light brown roots to a lighter brown or blonde shade on the ends. But just as ombré faded out (literally), a newer and fresher way to color one’s hair emerged in the form of the ‘bayalage’ dye job.

What is this semi-unpronounceable hair conundrum, you might ask? Well, it’s a french term that means to paint or to sweep. So think of a hair stylist putting colored dye on your hair as a painter would paint on a canvas, and balayage is sort of like that. But I like to think of it in more simple terms, like an ombré highlighting situation. In any case, it looks beautifully sun-kissed and summery, not to mention natural, one of ombré’s downsides (it looked anything but natural). So you can take it easy knowing that you really did wake up like this.

My favorite part of this hair style is its versatility. Wear your hair curled, straightened or natural—it’s bound to look just as good either way. This Fashionista (or should I say “hair”-ista) styled her new balayage hair with a curling wand like this one for marvelously smooth tresses. She added a bit of pop to the whole look in a fun backless romper and classic white sneakers. Such a cute summer look all around!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? When trying out a coloring that’s a bit complicated, I always recommend searching up a color specialist in your area because you wouldn’t want an amateur stylist who’s never heard of the term balayage before. Hair dye is pretty permanent after all. But if you’re confident in your home dying skills, go for it! Try out this baylayage home hair dying kit and find your inner painter within.