BEAUTY BAR: Back to Black

When someone mentions classic lip colors, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Maybe it’s bold crimson or scandalous fuchsia. Maybe it’s soft peach or even neutral toned. Maybe it’s…black.

That’s right ladies, black lips aren’t just for Halloween anymore. Celebrities like Rihanna, Troian Bellisario and Lady Gaga have rocked the trend on the red carpet, and now it’s making its way to the streets.

Black lips are a bold statement and should be worn with caution. It is extremely important to find the right shade of black for your skin tone. Darker skin tones have more room to play with shades and shine because the look blends and stands up better against darker skin. Fairer skin tones should look for matte shades with a hint of sparkle or color undertone in them. By opting for a subtler shade, the look will still come across as daring without looking out of place. A great color for fair skin tones to try is the MAC Cosmetic’s lipstick in black night.

If you like the appearance of black lips, but you aren’t quite ready to take the plunge, shades of purple are a great gateway to merging onto darker colors. Plum lipstick still makes a statement without all the shock value that black carries.

Technique is also particularly important to note when applying darker shades of lipstick. In order to avoid any bleeding of color, you will want to line your lips with a neutral or clear liner. The liner helps your color to stay put and stay bold. If you want to soften your color, try blotting the excess lipstick off onto a tissue or makeup wipe until you achieve your desired intensity. You can also top your black lips off with a contrasting lip gloss to create a different look all together.

Because black lips are so intense, you will want to make sure that they remain the focal point of your look. Balance out your face by keeping the rest of your makeup simple. A little eye liner and mascara are just enough to stand up against your eye-catching lips.

Pair your vivacious lip color with a sleek moto jacket and tall leather boots to intensify your stunningly bold look. Add a pop of color in your cross-body bag, and you’ll definitely turn some heads.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To complete this look you’ll need to start with your regular concealer and foundation base. Next, add a simple streak of black eyeliner to your top and bottom lids, and top your lashes with a basic black mascara of your choice. Be sure to line your lips with a neutral or clear liner, and go in for the kill with your favorite, daring black lip color! Finish with a dusting of bronzer, and you’re set!