BEAUTY BAR: Au Naturale

Growing up my mother always told me that too much of anything is no good. She applied this to every aspect of my life, with food consumption, electronic usage and as I grew older, the amounts of makeup I applied. She warned my of the terrors of raccoon eyes and color blotches, but having the exploratory personality that I do, I ignored her advice and needed to experiment the intricate world of makeup on my own. Almost 5 years and countless trips to various cosmetology stores later I can say that my mother was correct and less really is more.

As your skin begins to show the tan you’ve religiously been working on since the snow first began to melt off of your car, the need for makeup begins to fade. But, if you’re like most girls than you won’t feel fully complete without a little help from the cosmetology department. This Fashionista was able to keep her makeup on a natural level without causing a down play on her trendy summer outfit. She’s wearing a tinted moisturizer, which has a dualistic effect here. Not only does it even out your skin stone, but also adds a slight tint to your facial color. The great thing about this product is that it’s light and breathable for your skin, but also creates an even playing field for your skin tone.

It is imperative that you add a small dash of color into your cheeks. It’s key to keep a light hand movement when applying to avoid creating any dark marks. Her eyes were kept simple, a thin and neat line of liquid eyeliner to tie together the look. She also used eye shadow to add a little sparkle to her eyes. When using eye shadow in this particular look it is best to use naturally based colors, such as browns and skin tones. Combine that with every girl’s best friend—waterproof mascara and you’ve created a flawless natural look.

She rocked a daytime romper and added a pair of gladiator sandals to give it an extra dash of style. This combination is trendy, yet subtle and perfect to go with her look. Her romper is delicate and tapered on the upper half and loose and breezy on the lower. This garment choice practically screams summer and the addition of the curls finalizes her look!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To create a natural look for yourself start off by ridding your face of any make up reminisces. Use a fitting tinted moisturizer and apply it evenly across your skin. Some girls on the paler side, like myself, will want more color; use a dash of bronzing powder. With a big soft blush brush, apply your chosen color to your cheeks. I recommend something bright, but applied lightly. Add on some neutral colored eye shadow to give your eyes a slight color boost. Finish off by using liquid eyeliner and mascara to create long flirtatious lashes and you’re ready for anything!