BEAUTY BAR: Au Natural

May 4th, 2017 at 2:00am

Natural black hair is often negatively (and completely unfairly) stereotyped as being unprofessional or not appropriate for work, no matter what style it’s in. If you want to get ahead anywhere, society says, you’ve either got to straighten it, get yourself a weave, or shave it all off. Sounds awfully unfair, doesn’t it? Well, don’t let it get you down—this Fashionista is here to show you that you can be all natural, all classy, and proud of it!

This style is achieved by tightly pulling her hair back close to the scalp, giving it a corona like shape. With her outfit’s simple silhouette, she’s made her hair the centerpiece! All her bright and fun colors, from her bright red pants to her polka dot blouse, work as a great contrast to emphasize her hair’s natural dark tones, drawing your eyes immediately upwards. Instead of trying to downplay it or deemphasize it, she’s created a look that celebrates her hair, proudly putting it front and center.

Of course, we can’t get away with not talking about those adorable nails! Her opalescent nail polish goes well with her top’s basic color scheme, but adds its own glossy spin on it, giving the look just a touch of glamour. Finishing her look off with her matching cranberry glasses and tote and giving it just the right balance to pull it all together, she’s looking ready to stroll in and nail that interview, presentation, or whatever else life might throw her way.

How, though, should you take care of your natural ‘do, so it’s always looking fresh and fabulous? Firstly, a good conditioner and moisturizer is essential! Drying out is your worst nightmare, so keeping your hair hydrated should be your number one priority, and a solid natural moisturizer can help you out with that, big time. Then, to seal all that moisture in nice and tight, jojoba oil does wonders, keeping your hair looking good for as long as it needs to be. Careful not to use too much, though! Naturally kinky hair can be very fragile and too many oils, even natural ones may make it brittle, so use caution. The last thing you’d want to do is make your hair even dryer!

No matter what, your hair is your own and no one else’s, so do whatever you want with it! Kinky, straight, or anywhere in between, it’s still you being your own fabulous self. Just don’t let anyone else tell you what is or isn’t appropriate for your hair. It’s your hair after all, not theirs!


  • Kelsey

    Kelsey, Senior, Film and Media Studies major at Wells, full time student, part time Boho. Voted most likely to be carried away by birds.