BEAUTY BAR: Au Natural

August 9th, 2016 at 2:00am
BEAUTY BAR: Au Natural

I would hate to add up all the minutes of my life that I have spent taking a straightener to my hair. It would probably be enough time to binge watch all the seasons of Orange is the New Black, more than once. There was a time that I did it on a daily basis and my hair hated me for it. Thankfully, these days I’m usually caught embracing my natural waves. Notice, I said waves and not curls. I sadly wasn’t blessed with a head full of ringlets, so I have always been envious of the natural curled girls.

Rocking natural curly hair isn’t always deemed appropriate. I remember reading an article in Cosmopolitan a while back that talked about there being a stigma against curly hair in the business world. When a woman has big curly hair, she isn’t taken as seriously. This stereotype has swayed women into getting blowouts regularly. For women of color, it can get even more problematic, leading to chemical straightening treatments.

However, on the runway we are gratefully seeing some natural hair embrace. Designers like Alexander Wang, Zac Posen and Nicole Miller all featured natural hair in their 2016 fall shows. It was refreshing to see some of the heavy hitters in the fashion industry encourage self-love and individuality. If you have beautiful natural hair, you should wear it proudly. That’s exactly what this Fashionista was doing.

The fabulous hair wasn’t the only statement piece about this Fashionista’s look. Using a black and white combo, she paired a graphic maxi skirt with a simple T-shirt. She added pops of color and edginess with her jewelry.

The confidence this Fashionista had in embracing her natural hair was the best accessory and I’m not the only one who thinks so. During our photo shoot, a woman stopped and commented on how natural and beautiful the Fashionista was. She wasn’t lying!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: This Fashionista’s favorite hair product to use for her look is Pink Oil Moisturizer Hair Lotion. When you have natural curly or textured hair it’s important to use product that are protecting and nourishing, this Healthy Hair Butter is a perfect option. If you’re like me, and don’t have those voluminous natural curls, try a 3/8 inch curling iron to achieve your own bounciness of spirals.