BEAUTY BAR: An Ode To Audrey

We’ve all have a style icon that we follow through thick and thin, through even the most disastrous of wardrobe choices. For me, this person is Lou Teasdale or Blake Lively, but for others like this Fashionista, they have a more classical icon to follow. For this classy Fashionista Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a must because her favorite stylish leading lady is Audrey Hepburn. For many, Audrey is a queen and not many can grasp her elegance and class but this Fashionista has the Hepburn essence down to a T.

A sophisticated black dress and a neck full of pearls will never lose their elegance and being able to pull off this look in the heat of the summer is what grabbed my attention. Having a black dress, that you can dress up or down is a must for every girl’s closet. You can keep it classy like this Fashionista with a pair of comfy flats or you can keep it cool with a pair of platform slip-on or skate shoes, similar to Vans. To give them an extra edge try to find a pair that has the faux leather top.

To top off this ode to Audrey the purr-fect cat eye is a must. This Fashionista went for a eyeliner flick and a feline shaped lens.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? Every girl has been intimidated by liquid eyeliner and it has led many to put the liner down and run for the door. Be afraid no more! This Fashionista and I have uncovered an old trick to perfect that liner flick. Go find some tape in your junk drawer and place it along your eye at the angle that pleases you. Then try to match to the other side, and don’t worry if its not perfect, just like our eyebrows, they’re sisters not twins! Then pick up your favorite liquid eyeliner, I prefer the liners that come in pen form like Benefit’s “They’re Real, Push up Liner” and follow the edge of the tape to make your line!