BEAUTY BAR: (Almost) Blondes Have More Fun

Remember when Jamie Lynn Spears rocked blonde highlights for a solid three years while starring in Zoey 101? Of course you do—that was your favorite show, and you were super bummed when 16-year-old Jamie got pregnant. Well, guess what? I actually know someone who wears brown and blonde even better than the former child star, and yes, she’s also a total Fashionista. Dressed in a cozy-yet-cool outfit consisting of lace-up combat boots, a denim shirt and a gray body-con dress, this Fashionista’s ensemble is perfect for the upcoming summer to fall transition that we’re all excited about. Finally, long sleeves will actually be doable again!

Our honest Fashionista reveals the secret to her beautifully straight strands, too: “I use a ceramic flat iron and heat protectant spray so I don’t get split ends when I’m styling it.” Accented with noticeable blonde highlights, this Fashionista’s locks prove that having brown hair definitely isn’t boring. The warm golden streaks contrast with the deep tones of our brunette’s locks. This color play is totally appropriate for the summer to fall transition, where warm hues make appearances in fashion and nature.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To get this hair that’s perfect for the upcoming season, all you need is a flat iron, heat protection spray and an at-home highlighting kit. Disclaimer: the Fashionista shown above has her hair professionally dyed, so if it’s your first time DIY-ing your own ‘do, then I recommend doing a bit of research to avoid disaster.