BEAUTY BAR: All Natural Baby!

You ever get tired of just wearing the same hairstyle every day of the week? Maybe one day you want to wear it curly or maybe even straight, either way you need to have options. There are many girls at my university who have natural curly hair, I would say this is definitely the new “it factor.” As some people may call it, “going natural.” Going natural is defined as a girl who doesn’t get any chemicals in her hair and also doesn’t apply heat to her hair.

The positive aspects of this is that your hair becomes its natural hair texture, also you gain the strength and the length of your hair back! Now isn’t that great, I would think so. Most of the time you just don’t want to have your hair hanging down or all in your face, especially during this hot summer. For example, this Fashionista has decided to wear something called, “The Pineapple.” This is just a hair style that consist of all of your hair pulled up into one specific spot.

This way it wouldn’t be in your face, or down your neck. It’s a perfect hair style to keep you cool during the summer. This Fashionista decided to keep it simple and cool with her outfit styled with the perfect dress to top off her hair, and her strap sandals. She is definitely going to be keeping it natural all the way this summer!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To accomplish this look you will need to add styling gel which you could get from any hair store, water and I mean lots of it, a brush and of course bobby pins to hold those curls together. If your hair isn’t natural you can always just twist your hair using water and styling gel, also when you take your twist out it will create a natural look. This way you can create “The Pineapple” look.