BEAUTY BAR: All in the Features

BEAUTY BAR: All in the Features

This spring season, pink and our usual pastel colors are all the fashion rave. But in the world of beauty, accentuating our features in a minimalistic way is at the forefront. Say hello to the new beauty trend—embracing you!

This Fashionista not only has striking features, but she managed to accentuate them to flawless perfection, completely embracing the beauty trend. To complement her eye shape and thick-full eyebrows, she used a neutral toned shimmery shadow. She applied the shadow across her entire lid, stopping until she reached her brow bone. She also underlined her eyes with the shadow and finished the look with mascara. This allowed the attention to be featured on her brows, while also allowing her eyes to seem larger.

For her lips, she accentuated her fuller set by enhancing her natural coloring; She coated her lips with a nude-pink lipstick and frosty lip gloss. This pairing works well for everyday use, and if this Fashionista’s makeup mastery shows us anything, it’s that no matter our makeup skills or level of expertise, anyone can pull this look off.

Highlighter is “the” makeup accessory that makes or breaks a look. She placed highlight on her cheekbones going up in a V formation to her eyes. She also dabbed some on the bridge of her nose and her cupid’s bow. The key to achieving a natural look is to get a highlighter that has a sheen, rather than glitter or intense pigmentation. To finish off her look, her naturally long locks have a bedhead look that can be achieved using Argan oil. This oil works well for any hair type and texture—trust me, I have a ridiculously curly mane, and I swear by this stuff.

I was personally drawn to this Fashionista’s look because it is a look that is universally flattering, but can also be tweaked and perfected to work for various faces and features. This spring (and every other day), embrace the parts of you that make you feel beautiful and confident. And never forget to show your body some love by pampering and beautifying!