The struggle is real for a girl with curly hair, believe me. Many hairstyles can seem to be just out of reach for the unruly locks that are the life of battle with every day. Very rarely, however, there’s a hairstyle that jumps out and just has to be doable, so I’ve aimed to help that along a little bit with a how to for a light summer look.

The preference for light and airy fabrics this season definitely calls for the same from a hairstyle. This Fashionista has pinned down the feathery look of effortlessly windswept hair, a style that complements perfectly the floaty nature of her silk button-up shirt. Jeans don’t make for the most summery of styles, so she’s opted for light hair to counteract the need to cover up for unpredictable weather. Black trousers and a large brown leather bag create a certain boldness to counteract the airy upper half, but it’s the hair that really takes the cake.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? Achieving this effortless look unfortunately takes a bit of effort. To attain it with curly hair, start out with a heat protector spray. Once you’re good and protected, roughly straighten your hair, making sure it’s not perfect so that it keeps a feathery texture. Finish that up with a bit of volume mousse at the roots and front and a shine spray for the ends. For the straight haired girls, spread a layer of the same volumizing mousse throughout your hair, from roots to ends. Then, use a diffusing attachment for a hair dryer, dry your hair upside down until you’ve achieved the same result, and again finish with the shine spray. Voila! You’ve got the look of the season.