BEAUTY BAR: Afro-disiac

July 13th, 2015 at 2:10am

Hair is an accessory. Just like an outfit, you change it up to meet your mood or coordinate with your outfit. Lets face it, nothing is more arousing than a head full of beautiful hair! African-American hair once criticized for its kinky curly nature and tamed with relaxers and flat irons, is finally being recognized for its beautiful and versatile nature. This Fashionista said away with the critics and embraced her natural mane. You know what they say, “The bigger the hair the closer to God.”

Framing her face, this Fashionista’s hair is cut in a manner that not only accentuates her gorgeous cheekbones, but elongates her neck and gives her a chic high-fashion look.

Her dress served as a soft background for all the details she put into this outfit. Not only was the hairstyle a big yes for me with this outfit, but her splash of accessories made the outfit that much more inviting. Starting off with the flatform sandals in all white. These shoes are a summer must have! The white pops under the neutral colored dress demanding your attention, that is once you lift up the dress.

While this Fashionista explained she just grabbed the first bag she saw before leaving the house, this oversized Prada bag from their spring 2015 collection would be the ONLY bag I’d grab before leaving the house. Its deep green color allows it to be versatile for practically every season and works with most neutral colors.

Lastly with jewelry she kept it simple with a large gold arm cuff a nice detail that despite it” size, didn’t overtake the whole outfit.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? How attainable is an actual afro if you’re not African- American or have kinky hair? Not so much but To recreate that “big hair feel” for my not so kinky curly Fashionistas, a good small barrel curling rod and some volumizing hair spray can give you your own big hair, small curls feels.