BEAUTY BAR: A Sweet Valentine's Treat

February 17th, 2016 at 2:00am

Welcome back to the spring semester Fashionistas and Fashionistos! My winter break consisted of traveling, warm cups of coffee and quality time spent with family and friends. I hope yours was just as relaxing and exciting as mine. As I find myself back in the swing of my college routine, my eyes are always peeled for fashion across campus (while also done up in makeup to cover up those bags at 8:00 a.m). And no, unfortunately, they are not designer. Recently, I’ve taking a liking to new makeup trends, and this Fashionista’s bold lips and smoky eye was a look I had to capture.

February is no doubt the most loving month filled with hearts and red lips. As with any makeup look, what you’re going to wear is a crucial step. This Fashionista is sporting an all-black dress decorated with white hearts, and a maroon and black bomber jacket that is just the right addition. To finish off this cute yet classy look, her black booties really have a major role. Since she played with dark colors throughout her whole outfit, her makeup options were endless. Her pick of a dramatic black smoky eye, light blush and red lip were a perfect combination to make a loving but sassy statement.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To complete this look, you need a lip stain, matte or gloss as well as a makeup palette that includes dark colors, or just a smoky eye kit. Remember, you don’t need to go heavy on the face makeup, just a light concealer and some rosy blush to keep it simple and make your eyes pop.