BEAUTY BAR: A Splash Of Color

A new month or season means its time for a new look. It is time to upgrade our lipstick collection and add some colors that we never had, colors that are trending and/or repurchase our favorite colors. We can run into the MAC store and pick up some of the favorites which include Myth, Ruby Woo, Twig and Angel. Makeup is not the only asset that creates a look; hair plays a big part in having a gorgeous look. Finding a new hairstyle can be so much fun. You never have to actually try the style on your real hair first to figure out if it’s for you or if you like it. Simply, you can install extensions or try on a wig to see if a style is for you before you cut off your hair or add a crazy color and then regret it. When thinking of a new hairstyle always be bold. Think about a nice cut like a bob or pixie. How about the curls that your hair can’t maintain? Get some extensions and create that curly look. Also, think about colors. If your natural hair is a light brown, be bold and go black, add highlights or dye your hair an entirely different color.

A great example of a new summer look can be spotted on this Fashionista. After complimenting her she explained to me that this was her first time having long hair. She also said she does not usually do center parts because of her forehead. I replied, “welcome to the forehead gang.” I love the length of her hair as well the honey brown highlights added. Not only was this Fashionista being bold with the length and style but also with the color. The curls that were added created volume and bounce in her hair. The hairstyle scored an A++ and her natural makeup was flawless and added to her look. This Fashionista applied her MatchMaster foundation from MAC that matched her complexion so well. Along with her foundation she finished her look with the neutral lip color, 1995 by Gerard cosmetics. The natural makeup went well with her look because her hair stood out and so did her long orange maxi dress with gold embellishments. Everything that this Fashionista was wearing suited her complexion well. I loved her beauty look. It was also her birthday. Happy birthday to my lovely Fashionista!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To achieve this look grab a nude, light pink, soft orange or any light lipstick like Myth from MAC. Also visit your nearest beauty supply store and get a box of honey brown dye and apply it to your hair or extensions if it’s a trial. If you do not know how to apply color to your hair get it done professionally or watch a YouTube video until you feel confident. Be bold and embrace your new look