BEAUTY BAR: A Soft Purple Edge

For some, picking out an outfit in the mornings can take what seems like forever. For others, each precious moment is spent delicately blending and contouring their makeup. Whether you’re a fashion junkie or a makeup junkie it takes time to look good! But who says you have to sacrifice one for another? Waking up a little earlier than usual is totally worth it if you want to pull off a super edgy makeup and fashion look like this Fashionista.

With the release of the Naked palette by Urban Decay a lot of people play it safe by wearing mostly nude or brown toned eyeshadows. What a lot of people don’t know is that purple toned eyeshadows actually complement brown, hazel and green eyes the best.

The way to wear this look and make it work in the daytime is by keeping your outfit minimal. Instead of trying to match pieces with the color of your shadows, wear neutral items that allow your makeup to pop! This Fashionista used a loose white tank top as a base and effortlessly paired it with a flannel and classic, white high-top Converse. If you can’t stay away from accessorizing, try a long, dainty necklace instead of a chunky statement one.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To get this hazy and smoked out eye look, this Fashionista utilized what was already in her, and probably your own, makeup collection: the Naked2 palette. Before you tell me that there are no purple shadows in this palette, hear me out. With the right pairings, the cool undertones of the shadows can give off a purple hue. She used a combination of the shades Half Baked, Bootycall, Tease and Busted. A light lip color is also essential to rocking this look and this Fashionista used a mix of Sephora’s cream lip stain and a lipgloss from NYX.