BEAUTY BAR: A Little Glitter Never Killed Nobody

One beauty trend I’ve been seeing every season is glitter. Applying sparkles to your cheeks, lips, and eyes give the perfect amount of shine to complete any look. The best part is, you can design it any way you want to fully express your style. Let’s be honest—no Fashionista can resist a splash of glitter somewhere.

Now let’s just take a moment to stare into the eyes of this Fashionista. She has embraced the glitter trend on her eyelids, using Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner. I love that she used a black liquid eyeliner first, applying the glitter on top to enhance her hazel eye color. This outlines her eyes, while giving the right amount of pop she needs to stand out. The twinkle can be spotted easily in daylight—hence what made me get a closer look.

Accompanying the liners is a neutral shadow from Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Modern Renaissance Eye Shadow Palette. Since the eyes already have two solid liners, a simple tone is all that is needed to fill in the rest of the lids. With the addition of a black mascara, her eyes are made bigger and even more beautiful.

Of course, no look is complete without finishing the rest of the face. This Fashionista used a face primer and then brushed on Too Faced Cocoa Powder Foundation. Not only does it apply and look smooth, but it also smells delicious! Matching her skin tone truly gives a natural feeling, as if she’s not wearing anything at all.

The last piece of this look is her luscious lips. She certainly let them do all the talking with Kylie’s matte liquid lipstick. The shade is close to her normal lip color, giving off a velvet look as well as making her lips look fuller. The best part about this beauty look is that it’s easy to do, and goes perfectly with any outfit of your choice.

Next time you want a natural face to stand out, make sure to spice it up with a little glitter!