BEAUTY BAR: A Braid New World

BEAUTY BAR: A Braid New World

With this summer being the hottest one on record, sweating an awkward and uncomfortable amount is expected, especially for those of us who have long, luscious hair. I come to you with a solution that will provide relief from the scorching hot days to come.

Popularized by Ms. Kylie Jenner, french braids will let your neck breath even in the thickest humidity while keeping your hair from frizzing.

Unsure of how to get the look? Simple! Start by brushing the hair to eliminate all knots and tangles. Then gather hair at top of the head and begin to separate hair into three different sections. Weave the intersections and incorporate hair with every weave. Continue to braids towards the back of the scalp. With each section, add hair on both sides to keep braid symmetrical.

Once completed secure braids with hairband and apply hairspray to keep braids firm and tight. Unfortunately the heat can continue long into our summer nights, making the task of getting ready and applying a face full of makeup quite daunting.

Fortunately, french braids aren’t just meant for sitting around a campfire anymore. Try the look with a slimming bodycon LBD or a caftan and a pair of slides for a more bohemian vibe.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? The essential tools needed for this look? Some hairspray, two hairbands and a patient friend if your unable to accomplish the look on your own! Those who have had experience with hair braiding should find this look to be simple!