BEAUTY BAR: A Bold Risk with Big Reward

Every Fashionista knows that the one of the only places a bold eye and a bold lip really works is on a runway because it is just too much for an everyday look. But what about a bold lip paired with a bold-printed jumpsuit, one of summer’s latest trends? This Fashionista shows that this bold pairing is totally RAD!

This Fashionista brilliantly matched her lip color to the red on her jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are the classier, more formal cousin to one of this summer’s hottest trends, the romper. Why try this pairing for yourself? This is a perfect look for an internship or the weekend, and its versatility is one of the reasons this Fashionista really loved this look. Also, keeping the face and eye makeup more simple helps keep the spotlight on the jumpsuit and matching lip.

Washington D.C. can be incredibly humid in the summer, and it is not the place for caked-on foundation that is going to melt off. For her face makeup, this Fashionista said she applied BB cream, which is a lighter, moisturizing alternative to foundation as well as powdered bronzer. For her eyes, a simple brown shimmery eye liner and black mascara look kept the facial focus on the lips.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? For this look, the main components are a printed jumpsuit (this Fashionista found hers at a consignment shop in Georgetown) and a bold lip color. For the face, she used Maybelline BB cream and Georgio Armani Bronzer. For her eyes, she used an Urban Decay eyeliner and MAKE UP FOR EVER mascara. The Fashionista recommends Tarte’s lip crayon in “lust” for bold, longlasting color.