February 10th, 2017 at 2:00am

I have to admit that I personally am not very well-versed in the art of makeup. Although I am slowly getting better at it, I simply don’t get a whole lot of practice. I tend to reserve the attempt for special occasions or days when I am feeling especially bold and wanting to try something different from my everyday natural look. However, I am fortunate enough to have people in my life that are well-seasoned makeup users. This particular Fashionista is one of those special individuals who is always willing to dole out beauty advice. I figured I would use this opportunity to share her wisdom with the world.

I chose to feature this look in particular because the Fashionista does something I wish I did more which is embrace the bold lip. While neutral shades are certainly a staple in any makeup collection, a few bold colors have the ability to take your style to a whole new level. That is exactly what is achieved in this case where this Fashionista chose ColourPop Cosmetics’s matte burgundy lipstick in the shade LAX, which acts to highlight her ensemble. Because the lipstick matches so beautifully with her scarf, it only makes her lip appear that much more powerful and bold.

Although the color is centered on her lips, it is important to note that the rest of her face is kept more on the natural side. She used a bronze eye shadow from Juvia’s Place, which while subtle due to the way it blends in with her skin tone, still adds a bit of flair with the underlying shimmer in the pigment. Our Fashionista also used both a drugstore mascara and liquid eyeliner in the ever-popular shade black in order to allow her big brown eyes to pop even more.

Overall, this look is perfect for three major reasons. First, the beauty supplies used are affordable, which is perfect for the average college student budget. Also, the routine is simple and easy to manage, while still looking well put together. Finally, even though bold elements are incorporated into the look, there is still enough versatility that allows it to be worn any and everyday.