BEAUTY BAR: '80s Crimping Modernized and Trending

It’s official, crimping your hair is becoming a trend again. Ever since Stella McCartney’s spring 2015 fashion show, crimped hair has seemed to take off as a summer beauty look. Regretting that ’90s crimper you tossed out? That doesn’t matter. This Fashionista was spotted with a crimped looked that maintained a minimal ’80s edge. Unlike the dramatic and untamed crimped hair that trended in the ’80s, this Fashionista represented a captivating look by creating an abstract texture in her hair while keeping it simple. Its simplicity is what makes this look work, whether it is for a summer day at the beach, out to lunch with friends or at a concert. Ever here of the saying less is more? Well, it’s true! Her look gives a rebelliously chic attitude through its random placement of crimping and sleek movement. Consider this the new effortless beach wave hairstyle that can work throughout the summer and upcoming fall. What makes this look work is keeping it flat because it gives a light movement and texture throughout the face frame.

Achieving this look is much easier than one aspiring ’80s baby would think. The idea is to allow your hair to naturally wave while adding that minimal crimped texture to give it more edge. To give your hair a natural, wavy appeal, first apply a sea salt spray to your hair while it is damp. I recommend that you let it air dry, but if you’re in a rush, blow-drying it with minimal brushing works too. After, look in the mirror at your face frame and decide what sections of your hair you want to crimp. Picking a couple strands on the top layer will make the abstract texture stand out, especially when it’s near your cheekbones. The idea is to keep make this trend look effortless; so don’t crimp your entire head of hair.

To begin this minimal crimped look, braid the sections you decided to section off and clamp them tightly with your straighter, going up and down a couple times. The tighter and smaller the braids, the more crimped your hair will look. This technique will make your crimps stand out. When you hair begins to feel warm, unravel them to reveal your crimps. Rather than brushing your crimps out and giving it that untamed, fuzzy texture, press your ironing strands close to your head post crimping them. This will help keep your crimps together and neat. Want to make it even more minimal? Tie your hair back afterwards in a long ponytail. Ponytails have been incorporated on the runway heavily this season, so feel free to tie it back in a slick one if it’s a hot day.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To complete this look, you need sea salt spray, a flat iron and a couple small ponytails to hold your braid while you iron it.  Finish with a shining cream. Make sure you keep this look minimal by not adding any hairspray or other products to your hair.