BEAUTY BAR: 50 Shades of Pink

March 3rd, 2017 at 2:00am
BEAUTY BAR: 50 Shades of Pink

Where are my makeup lovers at?

Every year there is always a new trending color or even a few colors that are popular in eye shadow as well as in beauty in general. The past few years have been all about minimalist neutrals and invisibility when it came to beauty. Purple eye shadow was predicted to be the new “it” color for 2017. Having seen it widely showcased during spring/summer 2017 Fashion Week were many looks had ’80s inspired statement pieces paired with a statement purple on the eyes.

Now while the color is being used both on the runway and elsewhere, this awards season has captured another trend. If you’ve been glued to your screens, judging looks to see who made your personal best dressed list or looking for new makeup look inspiration like I have you might have caught on the trend as well. Celebrities have been sporting monochromatic makeup which can achieved in one of two ways. The first should seem pretty obvious, you keep your eye, cheek, and lip makeup in the same color palette. The second way which seems pretty fun is where you pick either your eye or lip makeup and match to your outfit color. The monochromatic trend has been seen done with warm colors such as pink and red as well a light shades of purple. Actresses such as Lily Collins, Taraji P. Henson, Sophia Bush, and Priyanka Chopra have all been seen rocking the look.

This Fashionista is totally on trend with her statement pink eyeshadow which compliments her reddish hair as well as showcases her eyes. A coat of black mascara across her eyelashes and she finishes the look off with a berry lipstick to match.

Every shade from rose to bubblegum to candy apple red! Happy makeup testing!