BEAUTY BAR: ’20s Glamour

When thinking of the ’20s, my mind instantly flashes to the styles of the time—glamorously decked-out women and dapper men lit up the scene. One of the few ways women evolved their look in this time period was through darkening or intensifying the makeup they wore. To this day lovers of makeup take cues from the ’20s, adding their own modern twists. One beauty trend from the ’20s was the use of red lipstick, as popularized by the “vamps” of the time. The seductive lip shade was often featured in conjunction with rouge on the cheeks, and paired with a shockingly shorter hairstyle. This look has been translated today from the red carpet to college campuses.

When I spotted this Fashionista, I was instantly reminded of the “vampy” feminine beauty looks from the ’20s. From her red lipstick, to her short and polished hair, everything about this Fashionista evoked a modernized version of ’20s glamour. This Fashionista opted not to wear a dark blush, and instead let the weather do the work—the brisk breeze created a nice natural flush without the help of makeup. This look is classically bold in that it demands attention, but not in the same way that rocking Miley Cyrus’ famed double buns hairdo and black lipstick at the same time would. It’s the perfect sort of makeup to sport when you’ve grown tired of sitting in the back of the classroom unnoticed, and are in need of an instant way to dress up your outfit. This Fashionista doesn’t overdo it though, and knows when enough is enough, opting for a bare face and undone eyes to balance out the bold lip color.

Not only is her makeup on-point, but this Fashionista flaunts a pretty RAD outfit as well! She stays in the same color family as her lipstick with a plaid red and black poncho paired with oh-so comfortable leggings. This pairing is perfection—the oversized silhouette of her top is made to be matched with a more form-fitting bottom. She reminds us all that comfort is key, but style is necessary while simultaneously giving us UGGs envy with her adorable pair of shoes, which have silk bows in the back. In order to keep the focus on her bold lip, she keeps the accessories to a minimum, wearing an understated silver pendant necklace. Handbags are key when wearing lipstick, as they can hold your beauty products when on-the-go run-ins occur with various warm beverages. This Fashionista carries her lipstick in a very stylish Michael Kors cross-body bag.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To complete this look, start with a curling wand to create the ’20s-inspired polished curls. Swipe on your favorite red lipstick (my current favorite is Rimmel London’s Kate matte lipstick in 111). If you’re feeling extra bold, add on winged liquid eyeliner, and brush on some blush in the contour of your cheekbones in an upward sweeping motion.