Bananas For Bandanas

Bananas For Bandanas

I’m sure most people would agree that it’s always great to have an accessory in their wardrobe that is versatile. As someone whose personal aesthetic changes so frivolously, I love having clothes that can work for various different styles. One of my go-to accessories that I can change the style of quickly is a bandana.

Bandanas are one of my favorite things in my closet because they come in so many different styles and can totally enhance an outfit. One of my favorite style trends right now is overalls. They’re such a quirky fashion piece, and I love to pair them with bandanas. It’s a great way to take simple articles of clothing and make yourself stand out in a stylish way.

The outfit I put together is simple. I wore a basic black V-neck T-shirt, acid-washed denim overalls, a pair of Converse, and a blue paisley bandana. I chose blue because I wanted to highlight the blue in the denim, but any color or design would work well and still complement each other.

One of my favorite ways to wear bandanas is simply tying it around my neck like an ascot. It reminds me of the neck choker trend, but with more boy scout vibes. It’s a simple way to enhance the look of the overalls, much like all of the looks I tried.

Another way I like to wear bandanas is sort of in a faux-collar style. I take the bandana and tie it around my neck and tuck it under the color of my shirt. I like this style because it makes the look so classic.

Another look with bandanas that I like to sport is wearing it wrapped around my head. This is one that I typically wear when I don’t know what to do with my hair or if I’m having a bad hair day. It keeps your hair together and serves modern pirate realness.

Bandanas and overalls are super retro and are one of my favorite throwbacks, ’90s-esque looks to serve. Bandanas are such a fun accessory to experiment with to create different looks for different aesthetics. There are so many different ways to wear them.

What are some of your favorite ways to style bandanas? Let me know in the comments below!